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Cover image for the game Ikonei Island: an Earthlock Adventure by Snowcastle Games. Fo

Welcome to Snowcastle AudioLabs, the new division of Snowcastle Games and the first Dolby Atmos Certified Studio for Games in Norway


Projects Our Team Members have Worked on

Our journey is driven by a passion for creating immersive auditory experiences that elevate the world of visual media, ranging from captivating games and exhilarating trailers to immersive VR environments and engaging audiobooks.

About Us

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Discover Audiolabs

Our primary mission revolves around providing top-notch sound design, music composition, voice-over, and audio implementation services to projects we are passionate about. With a deep-seated commitment to enhancing the overall quality of gaming experiences, we've assembled a team of audio experts who breathe life into our projects through the power of sound.


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